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Get To Know About The Top 5 Best Juicers Of The Year

Liquid diets are absorbed by your body more quickly than the solid diet. Same is the case with the fruits and vegetables, when you drink the fresh juices of the fruits and vegetables, your body will absorb more nutrients. Also, drinking the fresh juices of the fruits and vegetables keeps you fresh and your face glowing.  When you take in the nutrients in the form of the juices, there are less chances of unwanted fat in your body and your body weight will not be increased at all. A best juicer is the one which truly helps and aids the user in the process of making the juices. Following are the top 5  juicers which are available in the market, which fulfills all the demands of the users. The aim to write this article is to inform you about the features of the juicers.

Best JuicersProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCheck Amazon
Tribest Green Star

Tribest Green Star

6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches24 poundsRead more144 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Breville 800JEXL

Breville 800JEXL

17 x 11 x 20 inches9 poundsRead more1,591 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Omega Nutrition

Omega Nutrition

14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches14.7 poundsRead more1,805 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Champion Commercial

Champion Commercial

17 x 7 x 10 inches20 poundsRead more228 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Kuvings Whole

Kuvings Whole

9 x 8.2 x 17.6 inches14 poundsRead more96 customer reviews See At Amazon

   Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

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This is one of the best juicers available in the market. Details of this juicer are as follows:

Dual Gears

This juice extractor gives productive twin apparatuses which are comprised of the stainless steel alongside the specific focus which work to recreate the rumination arrangement of the human. This additionally make the more honed edge such that they launch the granulating process and minimizes the measure of the anxiety created by the compelling engine while managing the harder fixings.

Flexible Pressure

With the assistance of this juice extractor you can essentially conform the weight sum which is needed for the mash launch in the event that to effectively control the wide mixed bag of the juice without making the jam.


This juice extractor has an exceptionally exceptional double rigging framework which is not at all like the ordinary double apparatus framework in standard juicers. The nylon wellbeing support of this juice extractor acts as the pivotal piece of the fantastic configuration of the machine. This unique double rigging framework permits the more scope while preparing which creates more uncommon juice than at any other time.

Current Technology

The juice extractor emphasizes an uncommonly attractive and the bioceramic engineering, which permits the juice extractor to concentrate  the juice of the most astounding wholesome substance. This arrangement of the juice extractor makes the juice, which can’t be oxidized soon, this permits you to store the juice for quite a while.

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Breville Juice Extractor

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To get the best juice, you will need the best juicer. This is one of the perfect juicer for every kind of the use. Details of the juicer are as follows:


The juicer is exceptionally sleek and elegant in configuration. The appealing configuration accomplishes the consideration of the individuals in your home, which provide for them an anomaly to drink the juice readied from this specific juicer.


The juicer mixes the fixings with the assistance of the destroying circle. This permits the juicer to work productively. You can specifically include the fixings the highest point of this destroying circle which will make the utilization of the juicer simple.

Two Speed Processing

The juicer can work at two separate velocities. The velocity of the juicers relies on upon the sort of the fixings which you utilization. For the delicate fixings you can utilize the moderate velocity. The delicate fixings are mixed well when they are blended at a low speed.

Wide Feed Chute

There is an additional wide encourage chute which is just about 3 inches wide. This wide bolster chute will permit you to include the entire fixings.

Overwhelming Motor

This juicer has the high power engine which conveys the force up to the 1000 watts. The engine permits you to mix hard and extreme fixings effectively and easily. You can make 8 ounces in only 5 seconds with the utilization of this specific juicer.

Container Capacity

The container of the juicer has a 1 liter limit, which implies you can set up the juice for 5 persons at once.

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Omega Nutrition Center

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This is one of the best juicers. You can easily use this juicer to get the best results. Peculiarities of the product are as follows:

Processing Speed

The nourishment focus meets expectations in a low and exact velocity. It lives up to expectations at very nearly 80rpm velocity. This low speed handling keeps the nourishment level to the high as it is in the first fixing. Normal juicers have fast which annihilate the first nutritive nature of the fixings.


The plastic juicer of this sustenance focus is produced using an exceptionally particular amazing plastic. It is much stronger than the plastic utilized as a part of the typical juicers. The juicer is unbreakable in typical occurrences, as in the event that you drop it by misstep, it won’t break.

Compelling Working

There is a compelling rigging lessening. This force is equivalent to the force of the ordinary 2hp engine. This will mix any sort of fixing you need to be mixed without any sort of faltering. You can make juice for metal than 5 persons at once with this superior nourishment focus.

Double Stage Juicer

The sustenance focus makes the juices in two stages. It mixes the juice in one heading and after that, it mixes it in the inverse bearing. This procedure makes your juices great.

Long Life

This item has the guarantee of more than 15 years. Accordingly the item is exceptionally solid.

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Champion Commercial Juicer

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This is the best juicer at the commercial level. It can prepare a lot of the juice for many people in the meantime. Characteristics of this juicer are as follows:

Basic Design

The outline of the juicer is exceptionally straightforward and smooth. The minimized size of the juicer makes it feasible for the clients to keep it anyplace in their home. The vivid appearance gives an extremely appealing look to the juicer.


Close to it has an exceptionally rest and straightforward outline, the execution of the juicer is high. It makes the ideal juice, which is advanced with minerals and vitamins.

Substantial Duty Motor

The engine of this specific juicer has a higher power. The engine conveys up to the 650 watts of the force, making the juicer most influential in the class of business juicers accessible in the business sector. The high power engine meets expectations rapidly and mix even the intense fixings effortlessly.

Differing Uses

You can make the nut margarine from the nuts by using this elite juicer. Child nourishment and coconut milk can likewise be arranged with this juicer. Everything you need is to include the fixing and see the enchantment of the juicer.

Business Use

The juicer is fundamentally intended for the business utilization. As it has the influential engine of 650 watts, it satisfies everything the needs of the business utilization of a juicer. You can likewise utilize it on a vast scale as it can make a ton of juice meanwhile.

Simple To Maintain

The juicer is not difficult to utilize and easier to clean. Anybody can utilize the juicer without any expert aide. Likewise, the juicer is exceptionally easy to clean, you can wash a portion of the parts with foamy water and wipe other remaining parts with the wet material.

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Kuvings Slow Juicer

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The slow working of the juicer yields the perfect taste and makes it unique among the juicers. Details and peculiarities of the juicer are as follows:

Feed Chute

This productive juicer offers a wide encouraging chute of 3 inches. This wide nourish chute permits the clients of the juicer to include the entire apples and oranges or entire vegetables. You don’t have to cut the soil grown foods or vegetables into cuts or pieces before making the juice. This makes the methodology of making squeezes quicker and less demanding.


The low speed chewing engineering of the juicers is an exceptionally uncommon gimmick found in this sort of the juicers. The low speed upset of the cutting edges of the juicer, gradually cuts and mixes the fixings by keeping the nature of the juice with a high measure of minerals and vitamins.

The Screw

This screw is twice the length of the typical screw or sharpened pieces of steels of a conventional juicer. This ULTEM screw cuts the entire leafy food vegetables effortlessly. The cutting done by this screw minimizes the oxidation of the juice, which gives you a chance to store the juice for up to quite a while time of the 72 hours.

Capable Motors

The juicer has the capable engine which conveys the force up to the 240 Watts. The engine meets expectations proficiently and rapidly to make the juice in a brief time of the time. The engine is additionally with a less commotion and zero vibration which does not irritate your comfort while making the crisp juices with the assistance of this juicer.

Conservative Design

The outline of the machine is exceptionally conservative and smooth which lets you to store the machine effortlessly.

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These products are best among the other products available in the market. It is highly recommended to the customer to but the juicer from any of these to get the best results. All of these 5 are the best juicers. This article will help you in choosing the juicer for yourself.